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Current bookkeeping Payroll Corporate and personal income tax returns  GST/QST, DAS, IIFTA reporting   Budget Preparation & Analysis  Business plan preparation  Business registration  Catch-up on previous years bookkeeping   Projects management and financing
Our accounting and bookkeeping experts will analyze your bank statements,  receipts, invoices and other documents and will compile them into a set of  organized reports on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. At the completion of work you will receive a printout of four basic reports, Income Statement, Balance Sheet,  General Ledger and Journal of transactions. We will also spend time to assess your current situation according to the results and give recommendations on further  financial planning and organization of your business.
In order to meet your expectations on various payroll issues we are able to cover  all topics related to calculating, issuing and reporting to tax authorities. We can  issue pay stubs to your employees according to the hours worked and  specifications you have provided to us by telephone, fax or email. Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec require employers to remit Deductions at Source  payments on a regular basis. We will prepare remittance forms and will  communicate them to you in advance to allow sufficient time for payment and  processing. At calendar year end employer produces various reports regarding  employment and we can prepare those documents for you. And when it is time for  your employees to part we can produce Record of Employment for you and your  employees.
Once a year all taxpayers whether individual or commercial are required to remit  income tax declarations. Individuals are transmitting declarations until April 30th    with some exceptions, for the previous calendar year while corporations and trusts  will transmit depending on the date of their fiscal year end. Our company can cover all aspects of this procedure whether for individuals or the businesses. We are  certified with CRA and MRQ to transmit declarations online. This measure will  facilitate and speed up the process with tax authorities.
We will ensure that your organisation is on time with producing multiple reports  with the government regardless of volume or complexity of your business. Our  transport clients will benefit from our assistance on completing IIFTA reports for  their fleet. Our experience and expertise will help you as a business owner to  concentrate on other business decisions and leave all accounting and  administrative tasks to us
As a part of an ongoing monitoring of your advancement and growth we will  assess the financial viability and potential of your company on a continuous basis.  Every time we will meet a client to remit the bookkeeping reports we will analyse  the situation and issue recommendations on further development. We can also  produce on-demand analysis at any time during the fiscal year.
Various credit companies, banks, shareholders, partners and even business  owners often require business plan to correctly assess the current situation, project future growth or issue credit. We can prepare the business plan according to the  standards of the industry.  
In order to operate a business and acquire business name all companies must  register whether with Corporations Canada ior with Registraire des Entreprises du  Quebec. We can assist our clients with all the steps of the registration. Moreover,  at the start of the operations businesses must register with various government  authorities for fiscal accounts and procedures. Some corporations will prepare  Minutes book  and articles of incorporation  in a specific form containing by-laws  regulating operations and limit certain processes of corporation management. We  can prepare both documents in accordance with the requirements of the  government rules and regulations.
For various reasons some businesses omit to report to the tax authorities in a  timely manner or produce internal bookkeeping reports, quite often not out of the  fault of their own. This can lead to inaccurate presentation of financial position of  the company, collection procedures and verifications initiated by the authorities as  well as overall malfunctioning of the business. We can help companies catch-up  on previous years bookkeeping as well as avoid any hassle of tax authorities  harassment. We will take charge of negotiating all related issues with the  government and remitting all the missing reports.
Our company can take upon all financial projects and tasks that your company  wishes to outsource to professionals. We are working with experts from various  fields and our clients benefit from one-stop solution for their business. We can fulfil your business financing needs with the help of our banking partners, our partners  from insurance agencies will offer you beneficial rates as a part of an ongoing  service. And the list goes on…
"Timely, efficient and most importantly accurate! Always a pleasure to work with."  Rafaelle Scrocco Stellar Alliances I've been using Acco Financial Services for 5 years and I consider myself lucky because finding the right financial advisor (accountant) is as much important as finding the right dentist or hair-dresser. The consequences of the mistake can cost a lot....  That's why I appreciate much his expertise and count on further co-operation. Tatiana Vasylyev Real Estate Broker Century 21 Precision Always efficient and always on time. Professional and personalized service. Ilia Borodov Real Estate Broker
Our services