These days many businesses face serious challenges of cash-flow deficit. Striving to establish themselves on market and attract more clients those businesses will often offer generous terms or spend additional financial resources on expanding business or acquiring additional equipment and work-force.All that requires funds that are seldom available when starting the business.

Acco Financial Services provides business owners with the indispensable tool of Business Plan that projects Sales, Cost of Goods, Administrative and overhead expenses and gives directors of the company precise idea how to manage the business in the future, mobilize resources and avoid financial pitfalls.

Financial institutions offering business financing will also require presentation of the business plan and it is imperative that it is being done by professionals as it gives an important impressions of your understanding of business processes to your financial partners. Prior to authorizing release of loan or any other commercial credit instrument, bank underwriters will thoroughly study the business plan and analyze all the aspects of your future or current endeavour.

Acco Financial Services Inc. has ten years experience of compiling business plans and successfully presenting it to financial institutions, investors and management. Moreover, we have extensive network of financial industry partners we have worked with in the past so we can guide you to the right person for your commercial credit needs.