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Acco Financial Services has been formed in 2009 as a small accounting and bookkeeping company and expanded in 2012 into a full range financial services office by two enthusiasts, Olga Polonska and Kirill Gontt. Both founders of the company posses years of hands-on experience handling all accounting, bookkeeping and management issues and driving their clients towards successful and prosperous future. Presently the company has 5 employees and conveniently located in the Notre Dame de Grace neighborhood.


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Most companies today are well aware that their Business Processes are key to their competitive success. They also know they are central in acquiring new customers, keeping existing customers happy over the long term, all while reducing expense. To that end, the typical company has applied substantial effort to identify and, at a minimum, document their processes. Often the next step is to send the process experts off to analyze and optimize the processes within the company. The benefit of this is that you have the best people looking at improvement across the organization. But there are two key reasons why this approach only has, at best, a short-term benefit: These experts have other critical job functions in the company – having them focus on Process Optimization across the company can only be done in short term bursts. This doesn’t achieve the underlying goal of “Continuous Improvement” to gain and maintain the competitive edge. This approach has the effect of making optimizations to all processes. That means the ones that would have the biggest leverage are not easily recognized, and much effort may be spent optimizing processes that aren’t necessarily going to provide the best ROI given the time investment of these key personnel. So from a corporate oversight perspective, doing some prioritization to determine which processes should be the focus of these efforts is simply the best approach. Our expert team will analyze, prioritize and assist you in building a successful model of a new reshaped model of your business and will drive your company to new business horizons and aspirations.




Our accounting experts will analyze your bank statements, records, reports and receipts and compile them according to accounting standards into a complete set of reports organized on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. At the end of the work, you will receive all reports in print or electronic format. We will also spend time evaluating your situation based on the results and making recommendations on the financial planning and organization of your business. In order to meet your expectations on various payroll issues, we will be able to cover all matters relating to the calculation and issuance of pay stubs to your employees and the production of government remittances. We will prepare the remittance forms and provide them in advance to give you enough time for payment and processing. At the end of the calendar year, we will produce annual reports for tax authorities and employees according to the rules and regulations in force. And when it’s time for your employees to leave, we’ll produce departure documents for you and your employees. Once a year, businesses and individuals must file tax returns and we can help our clients do so. We are certified by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec to transmit the returns online, which will facilitate and speed up the process.